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    I have a outside tankless water heater. I would like to know if I can put a small electric water heater under my house closest to my master bath,so that I could have instant hot water there.The tankless water heater is lp gas.Thanks.

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    If you're talking about running the hot from the tankless through the small electric heater, you will get some hot water at first but you'll get a cold water sandwich as the electric heater is refilled with the cold water in the pipes before the tankless' hot water gets there. You can run a circulating system with the tankless. Also, you can put the master bath on it's own independant water heater.

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    Thanks for the reply.I am talking about dumping the hot line from the tankless into the electric tank.In other words the hot line is going into the cold inlet of the electric ,There will be hardly any cold going into the electric other than the distance from the tankless to the electric. I figure by the time I draw enough hot water out of the electric(20 gal) then the tankless should be putting hot water in to it.thank you for your input

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    I've used the new tankless panel from HeatLink. Works like a charm.


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