Help. I just got a portable dishwasher. I had some problems hooking up the moen one touch facet to the quick connect and thought that I had it fixed. Then I bumped the faucet and the quick connect flew off. Apparently the plastic threads inside the moen faucet are not strong enough to hold the pressure when the faucet is on or are stripped out. Any ideas how to fix?

I have one idea. When I use the dishwasher, take off the pull out faucet head and hook my quick connect to the hose that pulls out from underneath the sink. Does anyone know what thread type is on the end of the moen faucet head? Then how do I adapt that thread to faucet thread that is on my quick adapter.

Find blow up of faucet at

The part that I would take off and install quick connector on is #1927 spout wand kit.