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Thread: Bradford White 10 year old electric water htr

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    Default Bradford White 10 year old electric water htr

    My parents are having trouble with their Bradford White water htr. At first the bottom element went out. They had it fixed then a couple of weeks later the other element went out and was replaced then a week later no hot water again so the top and bottom thermostats were replaced and they only had warm water for a while and now just cold water. Both elements and thermostats have been replaced and the tank does not leak. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank You very much!

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    Yes find out WHAT is happening before changing ANYTHING, which is what you should have done originally. Without knowing whether it is another bad element, or a defective thermostat, or a bad wiring job when the thermostats were replaced, there is no way we can diagnose it. Do do it properly, we would have to be there and do our own testing.

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    The situation was my 82-year-old father had made all the changes, switching the elements and thermostats and a leaky pressure relief valve before I was involved or made aware. My parents live 75 minutes away and my occupation as a truck driver forces me to only visit them on the weekend, therefore I was forced to deal with what he had already attempted. He did call a plumber and that professional told him one of the elements and one of the thermostats was bad. When I checked with the meter the parts tested good, but one thermostat was not getting power. I wanted to save them money, find and fix the problem, but they wanted instant results after going for a couple of days with out hot water. So they have a new water heater that is not being installed by the professed professional. I was hoping for a fast response and some guidance from the pros, but only received ATTITUDE from hj (Master Plumber).


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