I'm running a 30A line out from my garage (where main panel is) to a shed, 52 feet.

I have spoken to the insoector earlier in the week and was told I can use UF-B direct bury cable at 24" which is what I am doing. I am running UF-B 10/2 with ground, just some sockets and lights, small tools, etc.

I have all of the materials and am trenching it tomorrow, inspector is coming Monday to check the trench and cable before I make the rest of the runs in the shed.

My questions are:

1. Can I run the UF-B directly from the 30A breaker in my main panel, thru the crawlspace to the corner of the house, then out down the foundation direcly, or do I need a junction box of some sort where it leaves the house?

2. Also, is there typically any requirement to put the UF-B in conduit of some type between the point it leaves the house and the point it enters the ground?

Same questions for the shed side. I understand that local codes vary, I'm just asking 'in general' since I can't get a specific answer at the moment!

Please answer if you can, I left a voicemail for the inspector yesterday, never heard back, and called today to find out he is out on vaction until Monday. I am doing all the work for the trench inspection tomorrow.