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Thread: 2 problems: could they be connected?

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    Default 2 problems: could they be connected?

    We have a new water heater @ 2 months old. It's an electric Whirlpool heater. For the past couple of weeks, we have heard an ocasional noise from it. It sounds like water running or a hissing sound. There's no sign of any leak and it doesn't make the sound at all times. Since that time, our Amana washing machine has noticably slowed at filling with hot water. The cold water seems to fill fine. I have read about both problems on the internet and have found that replies to both have mentioned the fill valve on the washer. However, I haven't found anything connecting the 2 problems. Is it possible that I could have 1 problem (fill valve) with 2 different symptoms??? If so is there a simple test that I can do to try to verify the problem? Thanks!


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    Most washing machine hoses have screen filters on their inputs. Try removing them, and see if they're clogged up with debris. Clean, then replace. Do you get good hot flow everywhere else? if so, it's not from the WH, but when it was installed, if any debris got jossled loose, the WM may have gotten it first since it may be the lowest hot water user in the house.
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    The hissing sound at the heater COULD be just the water heating, or it could be something more serious, but without being there to do our own testing, we cannot tell you which it is. The low pressure at the washing machine is probably caused by a plugged filter screen in the fill valve.


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