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Thread: Help-About ready to jump off a Bridge!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob999 View Post
    My understanding is that the poster asked for advice whether to buy a 1 or 1.5 cubic foot softener--either with the Clack WS1 head. He noted that the price difference was only $61 different from the source he was considering using.

    I use 8 gal per minute per cubic foot of resin in sizing so if maximum water flow is greater than 8 gpm I would recommend the 1.5 cubic foot unit. Given the very limited water supply I don't see that it is reasonable to size for more that 12 gpm so I don't see much basis for going larger than 1.5 cubic foot. The final consideration, in my view, is whether 1.5 is too large given overall water use. My view is no given the planned installation of the ensuite facility.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wally Hays View Post
    Thing is, if you want to really go deep into the subject, ( Uggggg) technically the plumbing code probably will call for a valve with an SFR large enough to handle the total load on the system. IE. full, flow at all fixtures at once, but the chances of that ever happening are pretty slim. Possible, but slim. Then when he puts in the big shower a sharp inspector would tell the plumber that he had to upsize the piping to handle the load. It makes no sense to install a huge valve when you don't have the piping to carry the load. And yes if the well recovery is only 2gpm there is a limiting factor also. Anyway unless we are just jabbering to hear ourselves jabber we should really be about giving the best advice possible and in that case I'm gonna go with a Clack WS-1 wit da 1" valve.
    Quote Originally Posted by Akpsdvan View Post
    I would go with 1.5 cubic foot unit.

    Cleaning at 2am should help in the cleaning if your house ends water usage for the most part around 10pm... there should be time for the well to recover some water.....
    Thanks everybody. I am going with the 1.5 cuft with the clack ws1 cs from Aquatell Canada. They offer free shipping, preloaded tank, Plumbing connectors etc. I will choose the shower heads based on low flow gpm.

    The pressure tank Tee is 1" pipe then it is reduced to 3\4 to the softener. Should I run 1" from the Tee to the new softener??

    I have less than a tablespoon of sediment in my existing filter cartridge housing in the past year and have no filter in it. Should I get rid of it and all of the bends and elbows it has??

    Here are a few pictures of my setup including the UV housing.

    Wally, As far as the inspector goes I know her quite well. I feed her every night. Shes my dog. I do not have building inspections up here in the great white frozen north part of Canada, only Electrical and Septic.
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