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Thread: HVAC test

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    Default HVAC test

    Dummy Question but I need some advice HVAC/ air duct gurus
    Is there a product you use to test for leaks....or how air is drawn and how it flows.

    My pesky pesky kitchen exhaust - pro hood - 24" deep . 600 CFM (short run about 15 feet to the exterior of house, etc). We DO tend to use the front right burner.

    I can't explain it but the cabinet right next to it, the door edge is always getting grimed up. The door face, the side panel that faces the hood, nada. Just the door edge. It's as if there is some hidden oil magent on that door edge.

    Curious how to root this out.
    If there is any good HVAC forums ya'll want to point me in a direction of, feel free.
    No seams or funky penatrations in the hood
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