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Thread: Replacing lamp post

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    Default Replacing lamp post

    We are replacing our lamppost with a post that has a photoelectric eye. The wire coming from the ground has only two wires at the post, the photocell has 3 wires, there were no wiring instructions included with the pole.
    I am assuming the ground wire for the original post is at the box, and that one of the wires for the photocell is a ground wire, how do I wire the photocell to the wiring in the post?

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    Where is the box in relation to the pole? Don't think you should install it without running a new wire if the ground is not available.
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    Hmm, if the third wire is green its a ground wire as has been suggested. Otherwise -- If there is no green wire the photocell itself is probably not grounded. Try to proceed as follows; White and black from the photocell go to white and black from the house. The leftover wire (probably blue or red) goes to the black wire of the light. The white wire from the light gets connected with the white from the house and the white from the photocell (so you will have 3 wires under one wire nut).

    An ungrounded lamp post is a bad thing. I'd recommend replacing the wire. If that is not possible replace the breaker for that circuit with a GFCI breaker.


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    The wire coming from the ground has only two wires at the post, the photocell has 3 wires,
    Incoming wires black and white?

    Photocell wires red, black and white?

    If so:

    All whites together (incoming, photocell and lamp socket)

    Incoming black to photocell black

    Photocell red to lamp socket black.

    If not, provide enough info.


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