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Thread: Single Gal Needs Advice!!!

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    Default Single Gal Needs Advice!!!

    I posted a thread earlier, but no one has taken a look at it. Hopefully my title will get someone to take notice:-)

    I bought a townhouse about four years ago and had a new toilet installed about 3 years ago. About a year ago, I had a leak at the screw which onnets the tank to the bowl piece. I tightened the screw and all was fine...so I thought. Just checked again and the screw has a bead of water on it. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with my new concern. About six months ago, I noticed some very fine roots emerging from the back of the toilet between the base and the tile floor. I pulled them...but they are back and growing up the back of my toilet! YUCK!!! Looks like an alien!

    The toilet is flushing fine...no clogs. Shower was draining a little slow a few months ago and I did the Draino thing and it's fine. I had a new valve installed outside for the sprinklers about 5 months ago and the gardner said he had to replace a portion of the pvc because of roots. Is this all related?

    I want to know...do I call a plumber...or Roto-Rooter? What will they have to do? Rip up the toilet? And since I'm a single girl, I don't want someone taking advantage of my lack of knowledge and try to hand me an inflated bill...so...how much should it cost to do whatever it is they need to do?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Have a plumber pull the toilet and see if the roots are emerging from the piping itself, or just around it. Sounds like moisture is a serious problem around the toilet, the very reason the roots are there to feed from.
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