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Thread: 3 handle tub faucet removal- need help

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    Default 3 handle tub faucet removal- need help

    I have an American Standard 3 handle tub/shower faucet that leaks (out of the faucet). We are trying to fix it and we can't get either estucheon (sp?) off. We went and bought a faucet handle puller, but it still doesn't help. We've tried twisting it clockwise, counter-clockwise and just plain PULLING- nothing works. It's one of those porcelain flower looking handles with a big "body" as the estucheon. at least I think it's the estucheon.

    and does anybody know where I can find a diagram of how all this is supposed to look in all the pieces?


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    is this an old faucet, like 1920's or 30's?
    my old set has a chrome ring that holds the escutcheon snug against the valve stem. it screws onto a threaded nipple that's screwed onto the valve stem.
    my cross handle is held on by a set screw accessed through the end of one of the cross arms.

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    I don't think it's that old... I'd say 70s at the oldest... the screw went thru the handle, the escutcheon and into the stem (I'm assuming)

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    you can go to American Standard's website and get their phone number - describe the details of the faucet to them and they'll fax/email you the details and expoded parts view of it.

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    Default handle

    If you were able to access and remove the screw, then that was the only thing holding the handle in place. So it should "pull" off, but may have to be convinced to come apart.


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