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    Another question about my 1928 home. I'm working on a currently gutted half bath on the 2nd floor. DWV is currently cast iron. The standpipe runs up to the bathroom, horizontally to the toilet, horizontilly to the lav, and then vertically to the roof for vent.

    The bathroom has had problems with a leaking toilet flange in the past, as evidenced by water damage. The pipes and connections all look great. The flange though, does not. It's warped and cracked.

    It has been suggested to me that I replace the cast iron with PVC. But I'm thinking "if it aint broke, dont fix it" applies here. I'd like to leave the piping alone, cut the ears off the cast iron flange, and use one of those "cast iron replacement" closet flanges with an adjustable, mechanical connection.

    Does this sound reasonable? Or would it be a better idea to pay a plumber to replace the flange with another one made of cast iron? Any reason to not leave the rest of the pipe alone?


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