We're preparing to remodel both of our full baths, one after the other. Since we are taking the garden (not jetted, just a space hog) tub out of the master bath and replacing it with a walk-in shower, we're considering placing a deeper-than-average tub in the hall bath.

The hall bath is 5'x8', with the entrance on one short wall, and the bathtub in the alcove along the other short wall. The tub that is leaving is 30"x60"x14". My preferred replacement is the Kohler Archer (K-1123-RA-0), which is 32"x60"x19". I have the extra floor space without being close to the toilet (I will still have >18" from center).

However, I would think, and the installation instructions caution this as well, that maneuvering something that bulky in a space that tight will not be easy. Especially with the framing for the tub itself. The door is 24", and it is a 90-degree turn off of the hallway, so the tub will enter the room sideways, standing on end. How difficult will it be to "tip" it into location? We are removing all fixtures and all of the drywall in this room; that will give us a little extra space.

It is possible, since the wet wall for this tub is the shared wall between the bathrooms, to access the plumbing from the other bathroom. Furthermore, we can temporarily remove a stud in that space, and the drywall is already down in the master bath. We could use that space to situate the tub in the hall bath, then finish the plumbing, replace the stud, and finish the drywall in the master bath.

We can always make this call on the fly, but I'd rather plan ahead if we're going to be messing with the framing. Does anyone have advice for me? It would also be interesting to hear if we're going to have this much trouble maneuvering a shallower, narrower (30") tub. If that's the case, we'll probably go ahead with the Archer.