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Thread: Basement utility sink pumps?

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    Default Basement utility sink pumps?

    I am looking at adding a basement utility sink. I don't have a floor drain. The main 4" CI exits the house about 2-3 feet above the floor. I already have a washer drain setup but the standpipe is about 6' high. I do have a proper vent and a p-trap and it works fine.

    I see the Hartell LTP-1 reservoir pump and this looks like an ideal setup. The tank is small enough to sit under a utility sink. I would remove the standpipe and p-trap. the washer would drain into the utlity sink and the pump takes the water up and out. The lift would be maybe 2 feet....

    My question concerns venting the pump resevoir box. The drain line would still have the vent in it right above where the pump discharge would be tied into. I installed a 2" line with a proper vent last year and it is tied into the 4" C.I. Hartell does not show a vent line from the box. Some other's I see do.......Hartell shows a small vent pipe that is dropped into the sink? I am wondering if this is a good system.

    I would gain a utility sink.....lose the standpipe that is higher than normal and the whole thing fits in no more space than the utility sink.......I am wondering why some brands show a full sized vent right to the resevoir?

    Here is a picture of the existing washer drains.I should mention it is a duplex and has a washer drain setup on each side. I would like to add the utility sinks on both sides.

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    I would just pipe the discharge from the pump into the existing stand pipe.


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    Something to consider is that your laundry standpipe might not meet code but it does work with no pump. Most pump units fail due to lint and clothing debris building up in the unit. Given the option, I would use the pump only for the sink and continue using the standpipe for the washer.

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    We're in the same boat: the washer pumps across to a point which is too high for a sink drain to handle on it's own.

    the saniflo / saniswift gray water pump seems to be half the price of a Hartell: http://www.saniflo.com/SANISWIFT.aspx

    I figure to get a basic utility tub from a bigbox store. I don't expect this sink to receive heavy usage... just the occasional large item which needs soaking / washing or things we don't want to wash in a bath / kitchen sink.

    anyone have any further comments or input on brands & models? you get what you pay for?

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