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Thread: what kinda wrench would help?

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    Default what kinda wrench would help?

    hello, i'm trying to get this (pictured below) elbow piece off, because it leaks somewhere b/w it and the straight pipe it connects. but, as you can hopefully see here, there's a stud preventing my pipe wrench access to the elbow. so, i have no idea how to get it off w/o removing part of my stud. just wondering if it is possible to do w/o doing that?

    thanks everyone
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    I can't tell from the picture what the pipe is connected to. The nipple could be cut and removed with an inside pipe wrench but if there is not enough room to rotate the replacement, how will you put it back together?

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    I think you're looking at cutting away some of the stud in order to do that.

    You'll need to no matter what to put another elbow on.

    I'd go with a sharp chisel and cut just enough away that you'll be able to remove the elbow and hopefully you'll be able to use a channel lock type pliers or vise grips to remove the old nipple as well and replace both.

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    What you have to do depends on where the leak is, and your description does not really pinpoint it for us. What is that brass thing above the elbow which you do not show in the picture? Before you get too far into taking it apart, you SHOULD figure out how you are going to put it back together.


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