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Thread: Tile first or cupboards first???

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    Default Tile first or cupboards first???

    We are remodeling and I was wondering what everyone thinks the proper order should be when installing a tile floor and new cupboards.
    We will be gutting the kitchen and taking up our wood floor to put in tile. Under the tile I will have electric radiant heat and ditra. Should I have all the put in first or have the cupboards put in first and then the tile? Thanks.

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    Tile first at least to a spot past the cabinets toe space. Then you do not have to cut every tile to fit, and the dishwasher will NOT be too high for the opening. Be sure to tile the entire dishwasher recess.

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    Agree! You don't need to tile the entire space underneath the counters, but you may want to place a partial row along the wall so the front and back are at the same height. You can use ply, but getting the height the same can be a pain. You can also shim it with other stuff, but again, it can be a pain. This will also make the counter height "proper"; otherwise, it would be the thickness of the tile short. Not a big deal, except for under counter stuff and maybe slide in things like the stove (they usually have enough height adjustment, but maybe not if it is a particularly thick tile).
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