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Thread: New Body Spray Drips

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    Default New Body Spray Drips

    Dear plumbing gurus,

    I recently remodeled our master bathroom, down to the studs, repiping all the pipes from galvanized to copper. We got the shower assembled and tested earlier this week. Everything works and there were no leaks, BUT...

    When I cut off the shower, the lowest body spray drips for a very very very long time. This is not a valve leak! The head is leaking water from the pipe loop above it and eventually stops (after 12 hours).

    I took the head apart and found a weak, but functional check valve. I figure the weight of the water above the lowest spray is just enough to overcome the valve and produce the dripping.

    The head was made by Tosca who appears to be out of business. How can I make the check valve stronger? Besides replacing all three heads, what else can I do? Any ideas accepted!

    Ken in Houston
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    A simple tub takes 35 minutes to quit dripping.
    12 hours is a long time.

    So.......if the valve indeed does shut off completely, it will dip for a little while with all of that hose and extra piping to shower heads.
    12 hours seems longer then it should take though.


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