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Thread: Sterling Accord Seams

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    Default Sterling Accord Seams

    To all:

    Demo'd the bath due to mold. Going up with new insulation, a Sterling Accord bath with a 3-piece surround, and Durock on the walls & ceiling. (The previous surround had bad caulking, etc.)

    Note: I live in Alaska. It gets -20 to -30 in the winter.

    My concern is the "caulkless seam" system. I understand the surround keeps the water drops from going through the seams because it channels it all down to the tub, but what's the recommendation about water vapor??

    The 5 ft wall is an exterior wall, so it will have new R19 and 6-mil poly for a vapor barrier. I don't want any vapor to condensate between the back of the surround and the front of the poly.

    Also, both short surround walls would just nail up to studs as well, on warm walls. I don't really want extra vapor there either; after all, I've got poly in the lid so it's not going to go up and vent out and dry out.

    Anyone have any experiences or recommendations for the Sterling Accord Tub & Shower?

    It would be greatly appreciated. (ASAP if possible.)

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