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Thread: TOTO Aquia vs TOTO Drake vs Drake II vs Vespin II

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    Default TOTO Aquia vs TOTO Drake vs Drake II vs Vespin II

    Comparing the four models from Toto. Aquia, Drake, Drake II and Vespin II

    Some people ask which toilet should they get between the four.
    It's kind of a personal taste thing.
    They both work very nicely.
    And they are originally from different parts of the world.

    The first Aquia toilets we were installing were from Thailand.
    Skirted bowl, with small water spot.
    The flush is a washdown, meaning that all of the water for the flush pours in from holes under the rim of the upper bowl.
    The holes are cut at an angle, so the water swirls around the bowl as it flushes.

    TOTO Aquia CST414M

    The Drake was designed in the US, with a larger water spot.
    The flush works on siphon.
    Most of the water enters their lower trapway from an opening down low.
    The water pours in below the surface, starting the bowl to siphon, and then the surface of the water in the bowl collapses and disappears down the drain.
    Some of the water is diverted to the rim holes under the rim, they are cut straight so the water rinses straight down the bowl.

    The Drake II has a similar bowl to the Drake, except that instead of many rim holes tucked under the rim, it uses two rinse outlets, that angle horizontally, with two rinse jets circling the bowl.
    They call that double cyclone rinse.

    TOTO Drake II CST454CEFG, Universal height, Sanagloss, Double Cyclone

    The Vespin II, is like the Drake II, except that the bowl is also skirted.

    TOTO Vespin II, CST474CEFG

    The Vespin II and the Drake II comes standard with Sanagloss in the whites and off whites, Bone and Beige.
    The original Drake can be ordered with Sanagloss in the Cotton White as an option.

    The Drake I, the original

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