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Thread: Rough-in for small bath

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    Default Rough-in for small bath

    I am doing a rough-in for a small bath before they pour the slab. I have the toilet and stack figured out. I am put a bout a 38" x 38" shower in. I know to box it out around the pipe but when I install the trap it will move some amount. Does this mean I should put the pipe coming up from under the slab offset from the center of the shower to allow for the trap? Does anyone have a diagram of this?

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    An expert plumber would know exactly where to put the pipe so the trap would reach.

    The rest of us would put the trap in place temporarily so we were sure it would reach. Leaving the pipe a bit long might prove beneficial as the trap has some leeway in it's installation. Trimming an inch or two off the pipe later is easy, but adding an inch is not so.

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    You put the trap exactly where it is supposed to be before the slab is poured, the upright comming out of the trap you don't glue ( leave a note on some duct tape on the upright thats it's not glued) leave approx. a 8x8 box around the stub for room when the shower is hooked up.


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