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Thread: Vigoro vs Scotts

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    Default Vigoro vs Scotts

    Just curious here and want to ask some experts here on LAWN FERTILIZERS.

    Last year, I used Vigoro Super Green Lawn Fertilizer and the results were fantastic. Not only it makes the lawn green, it actually made it super DARK green and can visually see the difference between neighbor's lawn and mine. I love the product and it was definitely cheaper than the Scott's brand.

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    However, Vigoro does not have the 4 step treatments like Scott's. Scotts has the pre-emergent, spring, summer, fall/winter which is easy to buy. Where as Vigoro, I would always use the same bag for the entire year. Even though the lawn was green with Vigoro, I had some weed invasions.

    Starting this year, I began trying out Scott's and noticed the color of my lawn isn't as DARK (green) as when I used Vigoro. Perhaps it's still early in the spring.... ( I live in New Jersey) or it's the product from Vigoro that makes the color different...

    What are your thoughts between the 2 brand? I'd love to stay with Vigoro, but I don't welcome the weed invasions.
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