I have a TwinFlo 100e dual tank system that uses a Fleck 8500 head. It is installed on a commercial ice making/vending machine. It peformed flawlessly for two years. Then we had a continuously running flow through the discharge hose.

I got some advice to replace the seal kit. A friend and I took apart the unit, replaced the seal kit, and reassembled. That solved the leak, but after that, the unit did draw from the brine tank during its brine rise, nor did it refill the tank on its own on the few occasions it did draw. I checked out many things like injectors, screens, etc., without success. Finally, we determined that we had left a part out when we reassembed - the transfer link. We added that part - with great difficulty to get things aligned and reassembed. Same problem.

We determined a couple of things. First, when we replaced the seal kit, we did not stop the unit it its proper cycle (Tank 2, cycle 3 brine rinse) to make the removal easier. So, we probably forced some things. Second, the Cam assembly now had a broken tooth.

I ordered a part and replaced the Cam assembly. Everything went back together well, but the unit still is not performing correctly.

One concern that I have is that if I somehow installed the gears "out of cycle" (in the incorrect cycle position), will it ever work? Can it self correct, or will it never work correctly? How can I tell that everything is in the correct position when I reinstall?

I have observed the unit work, and when it should be in the brine rinse cycle, the tapered part of the cam assembly is not in the correct position to depress the brine piston. As a result of this, I am pretty sure the problem is in the control head and not the injectors.

I would appreciate any insight or guidance that anyone can provide.