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Thread: IONICS 3210 programming.

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    Default IONICS 3210 programming.

    My water softner has a private label IONICS and 3210 Timer programming instructions inside the valve cover.
    I dont' have the manual. I gather from internet searches and forums that this unit is same as Fleck 2510. I looked at some of the installation manuals and service manuals from different sites and shows that the 2510 programming dial has a middle dial for number of people and hardness scale.
    My question is my unit does not have the number of people and hardness scale dial. Instead, the middle dial is clear plastic with 0 -100 markings and X100 after the 100 mark. How do I set this to 3 people with water hardness of 17 gpg. There's a white dot on the outer wheel and also a Gallons capacity mark on the timer case.
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