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Thread: Kenmore Ultrasoft 200 water softener torubleshooting

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    Default Kenmore Ultrasoft 200 water softener torubleshooting

    My water softener Kenmore Ultrasoft 200 has a few problems:

    1) Water leaking out of the back overfill nozzle ( OK, ...I fixed that by re-attaching the black brine tubing which threads up from inside of the tank to the Nozzle Assembly). Now, no more leaks.

    2) Water about 3-4 inches over the salt inside of the main tank ( dont know how that happened in the first place) and now, how do I purge that water out, before I can dig all the salt out.

    3) We have hard water now, no soft water.

    4) I checked the nozzle assembly, took out the flow valve (I was told to do so), put the filter screen back properly. I did a 're-charge' cycle several times....I hear pump running, water flowing ( but the brine well doesnt fill up with water - should it ?)

    5) What is the next step ?
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    If you go onto the Sears/Kenmore web site there is a whole animated troubleshooting thing there that will take you through their product step by step.
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