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Thread: Water Pressure Issue with Well Trol WX 202

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    Default Water Pressure Issue with Well Trol WX 202

    I just moved into a newer home which is equipped with a Well Trol 202.
    It is installed in my basement and has a pressure gauge and a drain value.
    When taking a shower, the pressure seems low at first. After about a minute or two, "something" happens and the water pressure is much higher coming out of the shower head.
    Is this how these tanks work or is there something I need to check into?
    If so, can you give me some troubleshooting steps to resolve this?

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    A WX202 only holds 5 gallons of water. With a 2.5 GPM shower head, the water pressure continues to decrease from 60 to 40 for two minutes, as the tank is emptied. Then the pump comes on and the pressure increases from 40 to 60, as the 5 gallons is put back into the tank, at the same time the shower is still on. If your shower last longer than about 3 minutes, this process will repeat, which causes the pressure in the shower to drop from 60 to 40 again.

    This is why I like a smaller tank and a Cycle Stop Valve. With the smaller tank, (WX102) the 1 gallon in the tank is used up before you get the temperature adjusted in the shower. Then the pump comes on and the CSV keeps the pump running, and the pressure steady at 50 PSI, for as long as you are using water. A constant 50 PSI will be much better pressure in the shower than an average of 50 PSI, that you are seeing now, as the pump continually cycles between 40 and 60.

    Just adding a CSV to the system you have now will help. It will still hold the pressure steady after the pump is started. You just have decreasing pressure in the shower for about two minutes until the pump starts, because of the larger tank.

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    Not to repeat what Valveman said but installing a Cycle Stop Valve will solve your problem. Try it I promise, you'll like it!

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    I like the CSV also but.... If you ain't got the money right now for that. First check the tank pressure. with the pump off and the pressure off the system, the pressure in the bladder should be 2 lbs less than the cut in pressure of your pressure switch. If it isn't, then make it so. If it is, check the nipple or small line that goes to the pressure switch and the inlet of the switch itself for crap that gets in there and effects the operation of the pressure switch. Finally make sure your gauge works and see what the differential is on your pressure switch. A 20 lb swing is pretty standard and there is a chance that someone messed with the switch. You can re-adjust them but for the twenty buck it costs for a new one, I would replace it if it's way out of wack.
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