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Thread: Basement Plumbing for Washing machine, Floor Drain and sink

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry View Post
    After any trap, you would need to add a vent to break the siphon.
    If the pipe is vertical, you would use a santee, and for horizontal a wye fitting. A Combo is considered a wye fitting too.

    The vents can tie together above the flood level of the highest fixture on that floor, 42"
    Then the vent needs to either revent at 42" on the next floor, or continue through to the roof.

    From vent to trap Max distance
    1.5" 42"
    2.0" 60"
    3.0" 72"

    It would be
    Floor drain,
    Vent within 60"
    Then wye into a waste line.

    Fittings below grade would be waste fittings. 45's and long turns.

    It was Mothers Day yesterday.
    Re Mothers Day - Yes I know, people on here are usually quick to reply and there have been tons of viewings - Im was just looking at the basement and thinking OMGosh... Also, I will get back to the forum with a visual I think..

    I have no idea how to join into the Clay (Large OD) Can't seem to find any bands/couplings for that size pipe...I was hoping I could join into the pipe nr the existing main 'T' in and then split/Y off that but I know from what you are saying and what others say every fixture has to join into the main drain separately - or so I gather...

    Thank you for posting Terry - I will get back as I say with a visual later today

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