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Thread: leads insert, what to do?

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    Smile leads insert, what to do?

    Hi folks, the picture says it all. How do I put this back together?

    1. Is there a closet flange that will seal into the lead insert?

    2. Is it accetable to put it back like it is with a new fernco seal, I don't like the lag bolt screwed into the subfloor system.

    3. Or how else should i put it back together?

    It was not leaking, the vinyl is being replaced, thats the reason the toilet was pulled.

    Thanks so much

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    How WE would do it may not be the easiest way for you to do it, and you could create major problems if done wrong. We would straighten out the lead, put a brass flange over it and anchor it to the floor, roll the lead back down, and then solder the lead to the brass flange.


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