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Thread: Toro Greenkeeper sprinkler timer PCB resistor problem

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    Default Toro Greenkeeper sprinkler timer PCB resistor problem

    Hi, I have a Toro Greenkeeper Timer and one of the resistors on the PCB has burnt out and cant tell what it is - all the colours are fried! The location is at R15 and looks like a relatively large resistor with a much smaller one at R14 The unit is a Greenkeeper - I have the manual but there does not seem to be a model number anywhere. The only ID on the board says 301-20140H. The controller itself has a maximum of 8 zones.

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    I doubt that the resistor is a "user repairable" part so they may not give ANY information about it. Besides, something caused it to burn out and you probably have not fixed that so it will probably happen again. I would just bite the bullet and replace the controller for about $70.00. if you have the 4 station controller with two "2 station addon modules" they will transfer to the new one.
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    Hard to know without seeing it. The physical size of the resistor is related to the power rating of the resistor and not the actual resistance. The smaller resistor that you see is probably 1/4W rated and the larger one may be 1/2W or 1W (or larger). As hj mentioned, there is probably something else on the board that died and caused the resistor to burnup. I would be willing to check the board over for you, but international shipping would probably more $$$ than a new board.

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