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Thread: New Glacier Bay Pressure Assist 1.0 GPF Toilet N2310E or plumbing Problem

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    Default New Glacier Bay Pressure Assist 1.0 GPF Toilet N2310E or plumbing Problem

    I bought a 35 year old home last year with 35 year old Kohler toilets still installed. I have just replaced one of them not only to save water but to solve a weaker flush from the old kohler one, ..powder blue in color by the way (another reason to replace it).
    I installed a new Galcier bay 1.0 pressure assited model and so far the flush is just awful.
    The water pressure when the toilet is flushed seems fine, in fact , I think it make be too powerful.
    Everytime I flush there is paper and other matter that re appears. It's almost like the powerful jet of water is shredding the paper and other stuff into small peices and kicking them back into the bowl.
    I'm thinking maybe the old Kohler toilet was not such a weak flusher after all. Maybe my drain lines are partially clogged or plumbed incorrectly.
    I went into the crawl space yesterday to have a look at the plumbing and it seems like there might be too many turns in the line before it get to the main stack.
    Maybe I just got a bad replacement toilet, ..I just don't know at this point. Any thoughts? Chris
    Pictures attached of the pipes
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