I built my house 4.5 years ago, and moved in 10/2005. I have a 150' well and live about a block from a large pond. House elevation is about 90' above the pond water level. Initial well water tests showed a low PH and High (but safe) sodium levels. Iron was >0.1 and Maganese 0.034, though I feel like they may have both later become an issue.

In the house, water flows from the tank into an acid neutralizer tank, then to a water conditioner tank.

We've had red rings left behind in the sinks and very slightly discolored tub water off and on, and installed the conditioner tank a few years ago to compensate. I had the plumber come out annually to replace the calcium carbonate in the Acid Neutralizer tank, and perform regular maintainence on the conditioner tank. The guy disappeared (phone disconnected etc..) so I called a new plumber when the water became real bad a few weeks ago. New plumber said old guy was not rebedding the tank as he should have been.

Last month, we got about 15" of rain in a two week period. Around that time, the water color turned yellowish brown. You only notice when filling a tub or large sink, but it's there. Once, I thought I smelled a musty dirt smell. There is no standing water near or around the well, and no flooding on my property, although the lower part of the neighborhood dis have some issues. I'm not sure if the water color is related to the rain, or if we just started noticing it around this time.

I drained the Hot water heater twice last night (cold water looked a little better than hot). No major change. My wife is taking the water to be tested today at a local lab ($80???).

Any ideas? The well is only 4 or 5 years old, as are the pipes in the house. House was built in 2005 and was built to code. The acid neutralizer tank was rebedded and conditioner tank reset 7 days ago, and water did get a little better after that.

Thanks for your help.