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Thread: subfloor in basement which is correct

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    Default subfloor in basement which is correct


    I am remodeling/refinishing my basement in Connecticut. I have a question about putting down a subfloor. What would be the recommended or preferred way?

    (1) Put 1 inch XPS foam directly on the concrete floor then 3/4 or 5/8 plywood on top and tapcon both the wood and foam to the concrete floor.

    (2) Put down 6mm vapor barrier and use 1x4 pt sleepers with 3/4 or 5/8 plywood on top and use either 16 or 24 on center spacing for the sleepers. With 24 inch spacing can put 1/2 inch foam between the sleepers but there will be a gap between the foam and the plywood unlike option #1. where the plywood is directly ontop of the foam.

    (3) Put down a plastic dimpled membrane and put the plywood directly on top of the dimpled membrane.

    I ask becasue Im replacing a dricore floor that failed due to water. The water must have wicked through the seams of the dricore.

    Im also adding a sump pump but Ill post those questions in the proper forum. Thanks
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