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Thread: minimum distance from shower drain centerline to joist

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    Default minimum distance from shower drain centerline to joist

    Hello forum folks. What's the minimum distance to allow between a shower drain's centerline and an adjacent joist? I've read that for the toilet it's 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" from the centerline to a joist. I believe this allows room to place and turn the drain nut. Wondering if it's the same for a shower. I need to know so I can frame the partition wall for my new bathroom. I'd like to place the shower drain as close to a particular joist as possible. Thanks for any info.

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    Keep in mind, that beside the shower drain, you also have to fit the shower drain next to the floor joist.
    If the drain is too close, you will be notching the joist to squeeze it in.

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    Thanks. I don't want to notch or trim the joist in any way, as it's only 2x6 (my house was built in 1919). The shower drain in question will be running parallel to the joist within the joist cavity. The shower pan I've chosen says to cut out a 6" circle in the subfloor for the drain. So I'm wondering if the outer edge of that 6" circle can be right next to the edge of the joist (which would put the centerline at 3" from the joist edge), or if I need to move it over a bit. I'm thinking if I allow for 4" from centerline I will probably be OK, but am hoping someone can provide a definitive answer. Measure twice, cut once!


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