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Thread: Double check my plan

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    Default Double check my plan

    I have 3 questions.

    First, do i just use a regular 1.5" elbow in the upper right?
    Second, do i just use a regular 2" elbow in the lower left?
    Third, can i use a 2" santee in the bottom right instead of a 2" wye + 45 (store don't got no combos)?

    Oh - and any other problems you see?

    - I just realized, you may want to know, this is for a double bowl kitchen sink.

    Thank you in advance.

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    The 2" 90 El below the tee on the left would be a long sweep.

    The 1.5" 90 el on the vent, can be a vent 90 or a med 90
    I normally carry med 90 and long turns, no vent 90'sin the truck.
    They are a fitting that is rarely used.

    Inspectors like to see a 2" cleanout.

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    Agree with Terry about the ell and a c.o. If your sink bowls are two different depths make sure you put your rough-in low enough for the lowest bowl.

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    Thanks guys, now i just need my third question answered -

    Can i use a 2" santee in the bottom right instead of a 2" wye + 45 (store don't got no combos)?

    All of this is sitting in one stud bay BTW - less than 16" wide.

    Thanks again.

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    Yes you could use a santee to make the transition instead of a wye.

    I am curious as to why you are trapping each sink, are you just doing it out of preference or is it code where you are?
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    Preference while i have the wall open. I figure it can't hurt. I'm gonna have two sinks, dishwasher and garbage disposal, this makes it easier later i do believe. One sink into wall, disposal into wall, nice and clean.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Lont turn elbow on the left, sanitary tee on the right, and a tapped c.o. tee in place of the vent tee. 1 1/2" tapped tee meets the requirement for a full size opening, vent tee does not. Why go to all that trouble? There are easier ways to do it, and I only make multiple inlets when it will be a triple sink.


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