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Thread: Proper way to vent bathroom fans in Las Vegas

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    Default Proper way to vent bathroom fans in Las Vegas

    Afternoon. I've been going around in circles trying to get a decent answer to this fairly simple question.

    I have 2 bathrooms on the second story of a mid-90s house with a clay tile roof. Both bathrooms have exterior walls. They do not have ceiling vent fans - I want to add them as part of a remodeling I'm doing in them. Where can and should they vent to?

    I *want* to run it to the roof soffit - run the vent pipe and tie it into a vent there. I've read horror stories and OMG-dont-do-that on other websites, but the cost of getting a roofer to cut a hole in the tile roof and such is rather prohibitive (and one person I talked to on the phone said just to vent it to the attic... )

    What other things should I look at, or should I just bite the bullet and pay the roofer to do it?

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    Vegas is probably dry enough where attic might work, but it is not a good idea nor is going out the soffit for most of the country. The best locations for the vent are roof, gable end wall, or through the wall to the outside. While many people end up going out the soffit, it may not end up being much different than into the attic since in many configurations, there are roof vents that are sucking air in right next to that outlet. The issue with going into the attic is it can dampen the insulation on a cool day because of condensation. It could damage the wood as well. This is more a problem in humid locations. For most of the year, other than the perfumes and other smells, the added moisture in the house might be good rather than venting to the outside. Personally, I have a problem when the humidity gets into the teens and single digits.
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