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Thread: Relighting Propane water heater problems

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    Default Relighting Propane water heater problems

    While removing an old built in gas grill yesterday, I shut off what I thought was the gas line to the grill (Propane), but I inadvertently shut off the gas to the whole house. I went up to the attic to relight the pilot on the water heater, and it lit right back up (Rheem unit with sealed pilot/ingitor). Unfortunately, I did not ensure that the burner lit, as it appeared that the pilot was good to go.

    This morning, no hot water and no pilot. After trying to light the pilot for about 20 minutes, I abandoned the effort to try later.

    The water heater is in our attic of our 2 story house, propane tank out in the yard (at about a 30% fill)...perhaps I don't have enough pressure to get the gas up to the HW Heater?

    any hints would be greatly appreciated.

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    Most likely you have air in the lines. If you can manually open the valve until you smell gas that sometimes fixes the problem. If you have other gas appliances try starting those as well.



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