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Thread: converting from a wall hung toilet to a floor toilet

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    Default converting from a wall hung toilet to a floor toilet

    the depth of the soil line checked, and apparently the 'fall' is sufficient enough to handle the loss of elevation when we convert to floor venting toilets.

    I am wondering if anyone can advise us as to what we face after we 1. take the toilets off the wall, 2. take the wall appart to expose the plumbing, 3. jackhammer round the base to expose the point at which the wall plumbing goes below the surface of the slab.

    I don't know if I can expect a single (4"?) pipe to just continue downward to the soil pipe (which I think they measured at 48" down. And if this is the case, what are the basic steps to replumbing this for floor toilets.

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    There is really no way to know where the waste is directed now from that wall mount arrangement. It may immediately go horizontal for some distance for all we know. If you contact a plumber who is familiar with your area, he may have an idea of construction methods which are common there. You may not know the whole story until you open up the wall.

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    You will find a massive cast iron "carrier" which will have to be removed. Then you have to break a substantial area of floor, assuming it is a concrete slab. Once you do that, then you will be able to tell if the pipe drops far enough so that there is adequate room to install the floor mount fittings. It would be very common for there NOT to be that much pipe space available, since the wall hung units would not have needed it.


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