Hi guys. Last Saturday a ferocious wind and rain storm hit our house in Scarsdale, NY. (Keep in mind I'm in Budapest, Hungary for my work.) Worse for some others than us but we were without power for 5 long days. End result is a 1/4 of our roof is gone, serious water damage top floor, neighbour's trees are laying in our yard, sump pump got some serious action, and we lost some food. Thank heaven that was it. Now the insurance assessor is due and we expect to get a few $ to at least fix the roof and water damage. Gonna dig deeper into our pockets and put a whole new (GAF Timberline) roof on and insulate the entire house. I should say that the basic structure dates back to the 1700's and there's no insulation between the shiplap wooden siding and the plaster/lathe interior walls. Question is what kind of insulation? I'm leaning toward injected (from outside) tri-polymer, slight expanding foam done by a pro. And while we're at it, do the same to seal the field stone cellar to the upper structure from underneath. Costly, but from research it seems the best alternative. Any advice? Cheers and best regards, Rughead.