Hi everyone,

I'm new here; and boy, am I glad I found such a great forum. I've learned a lot just by reading though past forum responses. However, I have a few questions.

Here's my situation: the tank on my kohler tank just developed a hairline crack and is now leaking. I've read that attempting to seal the crack with epoxy or the like is foolish, as the crack will only expand at some later (and potentially disastrous time). That being the case, I'm looking to replace the tank.

It's a Kohler model 4519. I've seen a few of them available online, but I don't know how to be sure of the color. It appears to be white - but it could be biscuit or something just off-white.

The numbers imprinted on the inside of the tank are:
T 20
3 86

I attempted to replicate the positioning of the numbers above.

So my questions are: Is replacement my best bet? And how do I know which color I have?

Thanks in advance for any help.