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Thread: Air problems

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    Default Air problems

    I just helped a coworker who had a bladderless tank that was leaking. We installed a new bladder tank, oressure switch and gauge, 75 lb pop off, new backflow valve between tank and pump. It cycles well and has good pressure but everytime you use water it seems to have to spit some air out at faucets and toilets. It has been 4 days since the install so it is not left over. He says when you listen to the pump coming on you can hear gurgling for a few seconds like it is pumping air and water but then it is quiet. Is this a drop pipe or footvalve problem and how can I tell?

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    Better put the tank on craigs list and get a plain tank or dig in the well and remove the air inlet.

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    Your system was assembled for a non-bladder tank. There are air bleeders in the drop pipe of the well pump that charge the tank with air on each cycle.

    You either need to install a non-bladder tank or pull the pump and remove the bleeders from the drop pipe.

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    "Foot Valve?" "Listen to the pump come on?" Made me think it is a jet pump. If it is a submersible, then sometimes just removing the above ground check valve will usually keep the air bleeder from opening. If after removing the above ground check valve you still have air, then you will need to pull up to the bleeder orifice and plug it off.


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