Hello group,
I have a twin tank softener which was made by "pure-tel" and I have no original paperwork on it. It has two tall chrome tanks with a Fleck 9000 valve on the top. This was in a rental house I had in Las Vegas and removed it when I sold the house and brought it to Texas where it's now installed in my home. It has been running here for five years but it occurred to me that it's probably set way higher than what I need as the water in Vegas is much harder than out here. I have the manual for the valve which I downloaded but the procedure is pretty complicated (at least the part with the pins in the back but maybe that doesn't need setting?), but it appears the first thing I need to know is the unit's capacity. I seem to think I read somewhere this has to do with how much media is installed? The only label on the thing is the manufacture label, with no part number, specs or anything. Is there any way to find out, or figure out what the capacity of this thing is? I have no idea even how old it is. I am using potassium instead of salt and two adults. Also is it possible to upgrade my existing Fleck 9000 mechanical timer to one of the electronic timers? If so what would I need, do they make a kit?

Thanks for any pointers,

PS this is my water quality according to my water coop:
(this is ground water supplied from several wells, not reclaimed or surface water if that even matters)
Total Hardness = 39.5 milligrams/liter (mg/L) or 2.3 grains per gallon
Calcium = 8.15 mg/L
Iron = 0.025 mg/L
Magnesium = 4.65 mg/L
Sodium = 222 mg/L
pH = 7.9 Standard Units
Total Alkalinity = 357 mg/L
Chloride = 66mg/L
Sulfate = 83 mg/L
Total Dissolved Solids = 620 mg/L
Aqua maintains an approximately 1.5 to 3.0 mg/L free chlorine residual in the distribution system for disinfection purposes.

On a side note, my parents have an older Kinetico water softener they might give me, it's been out of service for about ten years so don't know what it would take to put it back. I know they paid a huge amount of money for it when they bought it new in Florida. Not sure what model it is but the tanks are tan, not black. Would it being stored for that long destroy it?