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Thread: convert toilet to low water use?

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    Default convert toilet to low water use?

    Is it possible to get a kit of some sort to convert a toilet to low water use? We have a nice looking old American Standard that fits in a difficult space. It runs a good deal of the time, wasting a lot of water, and doesn't seem easy to repair, but we would rather fix it than replace it.

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    Sorry, you're out of luck. To flush properly, the internal design of a toilet has to be far better than the old water-hogs. When low flow toilets were originally mandated, most companies such as American Standard, Kohler, Mansfield, etc, tried to use their old designs with less water. The result was many people who tired these were plagued with clogs. Unfortunately, some of these companies still are trying to tweak their old designs and are still producing poor functioning toilets. The best toilets on the market today are the Toto. Toto was and is the leader in quality low flow toilets. Most of the other brands merged and/or were purchased by foreign companies and their quality has declined greatly.

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    Some of the old water hogs do actually flush better for normal use than others. If you don't really experience problems with yours, you can adjust the float on your tank to a lower the water level and see how that works. Otherwise you can fill a small plastic bottle with water and drop it or perhaps a brick in the tank. Buying a low flow toilet is the best solution, but since you are trying to keep your old toilet for aesthetic/practical reasons, manually reducing the tank is the next best thing. I only suggest this as a trial basis if you don't experience clogging problems with the toilet now.

    Gary is absolutely correct about the older units needing the full 13L/3.5Gal to flush properly, but as the majority of the day's flushing is actually liquid, you can see if you get away with displacing a brick's worth of water in the tank....you won't save much $$$, but you will do your community a favour and save a lot of water over time.
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    If it runs a "good deal of the time" then it DOES need to be repaired, but American Standard toilets are NOT difficult to repair, unless you have a "low boy", and then you just have to know HOW to repair them and have the right parts.

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