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Thread: Help choosing sump pump

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    Default Help choosing sump pump

    Hi everyone, and thanks in advance for the help. I'm looking to replace my sump which is currently a simmer. I have decided on either a hydromatic or a zoeller pump, probably leaning toward the zoeller. Anyhow, when it is wet in the area, the pump will run every minute or so. I have been looking at the m-53 or the possibly the flowmate 98 or DA-1. Since the pump runs often i was thinking it would be best to buy the pump with the greatest on/off difference, which would be the zoeller 98. How does the 98 compare with the m-53 or DA-1? IS there a better solution to increase the on/off difference, i have read about attaching the switch to the outtake pipe. I'm looking for the best pump and to create the best conditions for a long lasting pump.


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    Check dean bennet supply and Ira Woods. Buy it without the built in float and add a remote one. the 53 is fine.


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