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Thread: FVIR: comparing brands

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    Default FVIR: comparing brands

    What is FVIR?
    Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance is a technology developed for gas-fired water heaters that resists ignition of flammable vapors that may occur outside and in close proximity to a water heater as a result of the mishandling of flammable products.
    This ongoing, voluntary industry-approach to developing FVIR technologies calls for manufacturers to invest their own resources in new product designs and the methods to test them. The resulting efforts capitalize on the industry's extensive product and applications expertise.
    From Bradford-White website

    So, each manufacturer has their own system. From what I can gather its:

    Whirlpools/U.S. Craftmaster/State/A.O. Smiths

    I read a post that said that if the FVIR activates on them it can destroy (some part?) which must then be installed by qualified technicians only.
    I also read that B-W makes a heater that can be reset rather than replacing parts.
    Are either of these things true?

    I need to know because I need to replace the 40 gal gas in my 2-garage. Its on a pedistal. I also refinish wood on a workbench about 10 feet away. If I spill mineral spirits, stain, acetone, etc on the workbench would it activate the FVIR?

    Which water heaters

    Water Heater Ratings
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