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Thread: Whirlpool BFG Gas Thermostat

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    Default Whirlpool BFG Gas Thermostat

    Just installed one of these thermostats, along with a new thermocouple from Lowes, and so far no gas leaks or water leaks.
    I have a question in regards to the new whirlpool thermostat. This Thermostat has 2 wires coming from the back of the unit. The pilot will not stay lite unless these 2 wires are together.
    I taped both wires together and the pilot is lite and the water is heating up. I know I'm missing something here but could not find the answer.
    Could this be an issue brewing up for me later or is everything find the way it's setup?

    Now I know the wires r for a thermo switch, my old unit didn't have one, so do I really need one?
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    They are probably for the FVIR system which your heater apparently does not have, so NO, you do not need one.


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