There has been a lot of talk about these financial stimulus packages on the news, newspapers etc but not a lot of information for small businesses like plumbing businesses, as to how to find out if your plumbing business may be eligible or not for one of these grants.

Since the Federal Government in the US announced these stimulus packages twelve months ago, many State Governments also released financial stimulus packages, so that now there are hundred's available. Most plumbers don't have time to sit around and find out where they can find the details to these packages because they are too busy working. But working all the time doesn't mean they are not eligible for one or more of these grants or that they have enough money to pay all the bills every month.

Anyway, if you are a US small business and want more information to see if you and your plumbing business is eligible for financial assistance from one of these packages go to and the information is on the right hand side.

Australian Plumbers in Queensland have been advised to inquire through Dept of Trade and Regional Development Industries at and for other Australian States go to

I hope this information reaches those plumbing businesses who may be eligible for some assistance.

Regards to all,

Jan Smith