We have a 1950-60 era Peerless water softener. It was in our first house and we have been moving it around for 25 years now! It has always softened the water, until recently.

Now, the water is hard and the softener does not seem to be using salt. It is regenerating on schedule, so the manual timer does not seem to be the issue.

I've looked around a bit on the internet, and am wondering if we need to replace the resin beads. What do you think? We like to re-use items as much as possible, to reduce landfill waste, but would you recommend repairing or replacing?

Also, in the past 13 years, we are on our 4th water heater. They spring leaks and have to be replaced. Always have lots of dark, rusty sediment in the bottom. I have suspected that the softener might be the issue, but don't know why. We have never lived in a house more than 5 years, until recently, so we don't have a lot of long-term history with the issue.

Thanks for your input!