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Thread: Will my whites match??

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    Default Will my whites match??

    Hi All,

    First, Terry this is an amazing site and forum, I have learned so much!

    As a result of my research on this site my husband and I are planning to use a Toto Aquia in our tiny master bath renovation. The difficulty is that we don't really like the Toto sinks. We found a Jado Porcher sink we like but my concern is that the whites won't match. Our master bath is less than 8 feet by 4 feet so the sink and toilet are literally just inches apart. We are planning to use Dal Tile Artic White subway tiles in the shower and on the walls.

    Are our whites going to work together or clash horribly?!!? We were going to go with Toto Cotton White and Jado Porcher white, but I have read that Toto's Colonial White may be a better match. I have ordered the samples from Toto and Jado Porcher and have the Dal Tile on hand, but this is just maddening. What would you do? What do you recommend? I really want the Aquia toilet, but don't particularly like the Toto sinks (we want a wall mount sink with a towel bar, they don't have any).

    How bad will it look if all the whites are a little off. We are doing chrome fixtures throughout bathroom fwiw.

    Thanks for any and all ideas, theories and feedback!


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    Slightly different angles and lighting can make even the same whites look different. Check the samples, then decide. If you were to go to any paint store, look at the quantity of white color chips...sometimes very subtle differences. Hard to say without seeing it in your lighting.
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    Default whies

    WHAT the color is applied over will also change the shade even from the same manufacturer. White applied over gray cast iron will appear different than white applied over "white" china, or yellow fiberglass. And as mentioned, the way the light hits at various angles also "fools" the eye.
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    I think it would match, only one way to find out though.

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