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Thread: Toilet flange in slab questions

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    Default Toilet flange in slab questions

    I got a bathroom re-mod job going on and with all the reading I've done I'm starting to wonder if I have a weird case on my hands and if it needs more attention than I first thought.

    From all my searching everyone states to make sure the flange is secured to the subfloor to eliminate future issues, etc. But with my case it's a slab with CI pipe coming up, but the slab is all broke out around the pipe so the pipe & flange are just floating. I would think that this wouldn't be an issue as the toilet will sit on the slab but because it's unlevel around the opening and I'm getting ready to tile so I know I need to use some SLC to provide a stable surface.

    So my questions are:
    1) Does the area around the pipe and flange need any attention? Filled and secured, etc.?
    2) Any advice on using SLC around this area? I've never used the stuff so I wondering how I'm going to keep it level and not falling & filling the void around the pipe.

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