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Thread: Would you go tankless in this case?

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    Default Would you go tankless in this case?

    I have a 14 year old 40 gal Rheem tanked gas water heater in a hall closet. I want to move it out of the house. The estimate to move it 50 feet away into the garage is $2500 (also gas). The estimate to install a gas tankless on an exterior wall 20 feet away averages $4000. So taking into the account the fed tax credit, the tankless install is only slightly more at $2800.

    btw - I'm in No Cal where the prices seem to be a bit higher than the rest of the country - so don't faint at these prices. The tankless units I've been quoted are the Noritz 751 and the Rinnai 94LSE.

    Many people ding tankless because it takes years to recoup the high installation costs. But, if I'm forking out that kind of money either way (tanked or tankless), should I just go tankless?

    So I wouldn't be asking this question if I was 100% sold on tankless. All the negatives that have been discussed agnosium on many other threads concern me (descaling every year, cold water sandwiches, longevity of the units, etc). Just seems like a lot of fiddling around to get things just right.

    But I have to give it some thought because I need to fork out almost the same amount of dough whether I go tanked or tankless.

    What do y'all think? Also, is 50 feet too far away from the bathrooms? One plumber said it wasn't worth it to move the tanked to the garage because it was too far away to heat the bathrooms.
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