Heres the story. Have a rental house and tenant said that the stove breaker was tripping in the panel box when used the oven.
She supplies her own stove and she said she bought a new whirlpool one and it does the same thing as her old one. If I believe her shes said she had it checked and the service person said it was not a problem with the range. When the oven is turned on it trips the breaker.
I went over to the house. Checked the range outlet just to be sure the terminal screws were tight. Panel box only 5 years old but had a 40-amp range breaker. I replaced the 40-amp breaker with a 50 amp since it had 8-2 gauge romex. And my breaker does not trip. I wish I had turned on the oven first to confirm it did trip the old breaker like tenant said, but I did not.
After replacing I then went and checked the range. All 4 surface burners will come on and work. Display with clock will work but if you try and turn on the oven the display will show P5H for a few seconds then the display with clock goes completely blank and oven does not come on.
I did a goggle search about this P5H code and the only answer that I could find was that it could be a problem with the range outlet ground.
Breaker at least now does not trip and I read 120 x 2 volts at outlet. Black lead to center slot and my red meter lead to each of the other slots and got 120V at each one. Its only the 3 wire outlet. Also all 4 surface burners work OK.

But is it possiable it is not a problem with the range. I mean can I be sure that it is not a problem with the panel box?


And can I now assume 100% that it is not a problem with my panel box.