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Thread: Tub trap question

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    Default Tub trap question

    I am installing a tub and using 1.5 pvc and will be going into 1.5 copper. I have 2 questions/issues so far:
    1. Is a Fernco connector appropriate for going from pvc to copper
    2. I need a wide trap in order to get the pvc and copper to line up properly. I am about 3/8 of an inch off. I know the Fernco is somewhat flexible, but I would rather it line up perfectly. If I use 1 pvc - 90 degree elbow with a street elbow, it will give me a wide enough run to line up the pipes. The questions is, is there anything wrong with using 2 elbows to make a trap?

    Thanks in advanced!

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    Fernco's are seldom the right device to use ANYWHERE inside a building. You need "transition couplings" with one side for copper and the other for you PVC. There could be several ways to do the drain, but making a trap out of fittings would be the last option after all else fails.

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